The Story

Meeting on the first day of university in 2007, Georgia Love and Jessica Goodear became instant best friends. They have been side-by-side even since, travelling the world, sharing endless laughter, love, heartbreaks and more than a little bit of wine.

Georgia is a journalist, podcaster, TV presenter, cat mum and lifelong pyjama lover. Jessica is an entrepreneur, multi-small business owner, dog mum and lifelong comfort-chaser.

In 2009, the pair were strolling through a market in Noosa when Georgia bought a pair of PJs (standard) and Jessica quipped “we should make our own”. The 20-year-olds spent the rest of their trip discussing designs, patterns and prints but swiftly parked the idea, as life and probably boys got in the way. But neither forgot that initial conversation at the market and now, 11 years later, they’ve finally created their dream.

With Georgia’s love for sleepwear and Jess’s business nous, the two have put their heads together to create Georgia Elliott, a sleep and loungewear label born from a passion for the product, a love for business and years of friendship.

They are incredibly excited to share their passion project with the world and hope you love the sleep experience of Georgia Elliott as much as they do x